2019.06.05 Women entrepreneurs met in Kherson CCI in the framework of the Chamber's cooperation with the Canadian-Ukrainian CUTIS project

What difficulties do women face doing business? What visible and invisible barriers have to struggle. How gender stereotypes and societal expectations help, or vice versa, complicate women's path to business success. Such issues were discussed today at the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the information event "Empowering Women", held in the framework of cooperation with the Canadian-Ukrainian Trade and Investment Support Project CUTIS.

Project expert Vira Porovska presented the results of a gender analysis in terms of challenges in export activities for Ukrainian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

- What percentage of such business is headed by women;

- What are the export barriers;

- What proportion of MSMEs headed by women are members of relevant business associations or other

  professional associations;

- What factors affect women's career advancement and what is the double responsibility and workload?

This is only a fraction of full analysis conducted during the year.

And then - success stories. We remember from childhood that the best way to learn is to follow good examples. Victoria Gavrenkova, co-founder of companies exporting sunflower oil to more than 44 countries, including Canada, shared her thoughts on starting her own business and developing new markets. Marina Nikolaeva, co-owner and director of a company that makes yachts and exquisite wooden furniture, told about her own experience of double load overcoming, delegation responsibilities and self-development.

And in the second part of the event, the participants had a great opportunity to improve their negotiation and sale skills: Vera Porovska, a CUTIS gender expert, held a small but very productive workshop.

The CUTIS Gender Program will be operating in Kherson and 4 other regions of Ukraine for two years. Interesting meetings for women entrepreneurs, a mentoring program and an opportunity to get acquainted with the results of industry analysis are waiting for us.

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