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Center of International Cooperation provides assistance for Ukrainian companies to develop their international economic cooperation and to establish the external economic links. It offers the following services:

  • Assisting Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs in searching partners and establishing various forms of business cooperation.
  • Advising on the entrepreneurial and foreign economic activity.
  • Arranging and holding conferences, seminars and forums on international economic cooperation attracting representatives of Ukrainian and foreign business circles.
  • Arranging participation of the Ukrainian business circles representatives in symposia, conferences and forums abroad.
  • Arranging visits of foreign business delegations to Ukraine.
  • Organization of business meetings and negotiations for the representatives of foreign companies with Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing and conducting presentations of foreign firms in Ukraine./li>
  • Arranging business missions of Ukrainian businessmen abroad.
  • Organizing visits of Ukrainian experts to exhibitions and fairs abroad.
  • Forwarding regular information about foreign economic events - fairs, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and distributing of invitations.
  • Visa supporting for foreigners and Ukrainians.

Translation services:

  • Translation and interpretation services (from/into West-European languages, from Russian into Ukrainian with the following legalization).
  • Certification of translation accuracy and translation legislation.
  • Services on the extension of commercial offers in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Distribution of Ukrainian and foreign firms commercial proposals in the Kherson CCI bulletin of commercial offers.

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