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The Kherson CCI draws barcodes on manufactured products

The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry – is the one official representative of the Global System of commodity numbering GS1 Ukraine in Kherson region.

2019.06.13 Kherson delegation held talks with business circles in Mozyr, Belarus

The meeting was held within the framework of the forum "Export School", organized by Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the universal exhibition-fair of Mozyr products "Palesskaya Skarbnitsa"

2019.06.05 Women entrepreneurs met in Kherson CCI in the framework of the Chamber's cooperation with the Canadian-Ukrainian CUTIS project

Businesswoman. How it is to be successful in business, to have a happy family, to realize yourself as an active citizen. Gender is becoming increasingly popular topic of meetings and discussions.

2019.05.25 Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the Canadian-Ukrainian Trade and Investment Support Project (CUTIS) events

At the meeting of the Project Supervisory Board, they discussed the results of the joint work, the plan of activities for the next period and summarized the results of the study of barriers in women's entrepreneurship.

2019.05.21 Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the Ukrainian-Lithuanian seminar

Having signed the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine has changed the foreign economic vector and undertook to harmonize legislation.

2019.04.24-25 Delegation of Kherson region at the International Economic Forum in the city of Orsha (Vitebsk, Belarus)

A first key topic of the talks was the development of new forms and directions of cooperation between Kherson and Vitebsk regions

2019.04.11-12 Kherson Region is represented at Brest International Forum for Business Contacts 2019 (Republic of Belarus)

Kherson delegates discussed with Belarusian colleagues joint projects in different fields, from agriculture to machine building

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