Services for KCCI members

of free and preferential services which are offered by the Kherson CCCI to its members

1. Free of charge: (at the expense of membership dues)
- Priority service.
- Obtaining information on questions which belong to the Chamber’s field of activity.
- Obtaining address references according to offers of countries of the world, including Ukraine.
- Participation in business meetings and negotiations with representatives of the domestic-owned and foreign companies interested in establishment of contacts within events, carried out by the Chamber, meetings of Branch business committees at the Ukrainian CCI.
- Obtaining information on exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars, forums and other events carried out in Ukraine and abroad.
- Obtaining letters of recommendation and the documents confirming membership in the Chamber to submit to embassies, representations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of foreign countries, to business partners.
- Posing of offers and inquiries for cooperation in electronic networks of business information of the Ukrainian CCI, the foreign organizations-partners of the Chamber and on the website of the Kherson CCCI.
- Distribution of information and advertising materials of foreign companies, other materials concerning foreign economic activities.
- Obtaining «Dilovy Visnyk» magazine and other printing editions of the Chamber.
- Placement of information materials about KCCI members in printing editions of the Ukrainian CCI (once a year).
- Placement of expanded information about new members on the website of the KCCI for a month.

2. At a reduced rate (a discount of 5 %):
- Defining the codes according to the foreign economic activity goods classification (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Activity Good Classification).
- Issuing certificates for the goods of local manufacturing.
- Authentication of price lists.
- Determination the goods contract value.
- giving expert's conclusions on the exit of manufactured goods from the raw materials.
- Authentication of documents by the President of Kherson CCI.
- Legal advices.
- Training centre services.

3. At a reduced rate: (a discount of 10 %)
- Translation services.

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