First Vice-President on Expert Examination and Certification


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The office includes the following departments::

The office provides:

  • expertise of the quantity and completeness of goods, goods conformity to the normative documents, agreement/contract terms;
  • quantity control for the delivered cereal crops or crops shipped from the elevator;
  • expertise of the goods quality and its conformity to the normative documents or agreement/contract terms;
  • determination of the goods contract value for customs purposes;
  • goods identification (defining the codes according to the foreign economic activity goods classification (Ukrainian Foreign Economic Activity Good Classification);
  • expertise of goods quality/quantity including the level of quality and the guaranteed period or service life;
  • to arrange hire survey with checking cleanness of holds;
  • loads radiation monitoring (gamma and beta rays dose, radionuclide content);
  • to arrange inspection and give expert's conclusions on the exit of compensating goods from the raw materials;
  • expertise and Certificates of Conformity issuing;
  • defining exported goods as the goods of local manufacturing;
  • verification of packing lists, invoices, sanitary Certificates, etc.;
  • preshipment control of goods (loading of a container, railway carriage in the presence of experts);
  • determination of a real condition of goods and its cost at the moment of presentation taking into account the wear and tear, damage, loss of marketable state;
  • technical condition of home appliances determination with the purpose of writing-off;
  • attestation and expert examination of trim stones;
  • export control carrying out;
  • expert examination for Legal Proceedings;
  • determination of a country of origin of goods;
  • certificates of origin issuing (CT-1 certificate, General form certificate, A form certificate).

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