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The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites for cooperation enterprises, institutions and entrepreneurs interested in developing their business activity as well as establishing industrial and trade ties in Ukraine and abroad. 24 hours a day and seven days a week the Kherson CCI Examination and certification office offers services of independent experts:

1. Expertise of the quantity (completeness) of goods, goods conformity to the normative documents, agreement/contract terms.
2. Expertise of the quality of food and industrial products.
3. Arranging inspection and giving expert's conclusions on the exit of compensating goods from the raw materials.
4. Defining product codes (codes according to the Ukrainian FEACN and CIS FEACN; HS codes, CN codes, TARIC codes; codes according to the commodity classification systems of Japan, the USA).
5. Technical condition of home appliances determination with the purpose of writing-off.
6. Trim stones attestation and expert examination.
7. Export control carrying out.
8. Expertise and estimation of transport means
9. Agricultural crops examination

Expert certificates are drawn up on the results of the examination. According to the Law of Ukraine "On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine" expert certificates are obligatory on the territory of Ukraine when differences occur.

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