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Information Services Department of the Kherson CCI provides the following services:

  • Reference information on world prices, indicative prices, exchange prices, purchasing prices, wholesale and retail prices.
  • Expert advising on the correspondence of a goods price to the Ukrainian or foreign markets conditions.
  • Certification of national firms’ price-lists for the exported goods.
  • Expert confirmation of a contract price for the exported or imported goods.
  • Address-nomenclature references including names of enterprises, firms, data on the main activity, types of products, as well as addresses, codes, telephone and fax numbers, etc.
  • Subject information about exhibitions, seminars, existing legislation, terms of delivery according to the Incoterms 2000, etc.

Kherson CCI Information Services Department offers services for the enterprises and firms taking part in tenders and carrying out government funding delivery of goods:

  • Reference on prices of goods and services considering a certain period within a year or years; expert confirmation on the change of a goods price over a certain period.
  • Arranging market monitoring; market research on goods and goods groups; search and examination on analogues, comparative price analysis.

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