2017.09.12-15 Producers of Kherson region presented their product range at IRAN EXPORT 2017 in Kyiv

This year's international exhibition IRAN EXPORT, which usually takes place in Iran, took place in Kiev for the second time. The mutual interest of Ukraine and Iran in establishing business ties and extending of trade, scientific cooperation and joint ventures creation is increasing year after year. This is evidenced by the intensification of the relevant negotiations at the state level, by the increasing of participants number in Ukrainian-Iranian events and business missions, as well as a significant increase of trade turnover.

The Islamic Republic of Iran remains the main promising partner of Ukraine in the Middle East. Iranian business is interested in cooperation with Ukrainian industrial enterprises and scientific institutions. The main areas of trade and economic cooperation are the agro-industrial complex (including agricultural land lease), machine building (in particular aircraft engineering), traditional and alternative energy, transport and mining, high technologies. At the same time, domestic business should keep in mind growing competition from European companies on the Iranian market and, therefore, more actively seek the opportunity to present their products to the Iranian side.

At the initiative of the Kherson CCI, the Kherson region was one of the first in Ukraine to initiate an intensive exchange of business missions and commercial offers with the provinces of Iran. The participation of Kherson Chamber in IRAN EXPORT 2017 with the collective exhibition of producers from Kherson region has given our companies an exclusive opportunity to present their products to potential Iranian partners and guests of an international exhibition devoted to Iran and Ukraine business initiatives.

The advertising and products of the following producers were presented at the stand of the Kherson region: PE "Nash product", "Fruit and Vegetable Plant" Kherson" LLC (TM" Bon Kherson"), Private Enterprise" Kaissa "(TM" Dobra Oliya ") LLC, «Agricultural company “Basmaty”, SEI “Osipenko” (organic fertilizer« Bio-gel »),«Group of companies «Sodruzhestvo» LLC (TM «Drop of the Sun»), «Agrosoosvit» LLC; information materials of the companies "Ukrsilgospash" PJSC ,"Yuzhmormontazh", "NPP "5-th element" LLC. In addition, to direct communication with the participants and guests of the exhibition, representatives of Kherson companies also could join the opportunity to take part in pre-prepared B2B negotiations.

In the margins of the IRAN EXPORT 2017 in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Ukrainian-Iranian business forum took place, which gathered almost 200 companies from both sides. During the forum, representatives of Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed their wish to see Ukrainian industrial companies more often as participants in specialized exhibitions in Tehran. This can be an additional factor in the output of Ukrainian industrial products on the market of this country.


In comparison with 2015, in 2016 exports from Ukraine to Iran increased by 32%. Imports from Iran to Ukraine increased by almost the same - 30%. The turnover for 7 months of 2017 is 412.6 million dollars USA. Export is 404 million dollars USA, imports - 8.6 million dollars USA.

Ukrainian largest exports to Iran are:

  • corn - 965.6 thousand tons for the 152.6 million dollars US (export increased by 45% compared to the same period in 2016);
  • sunflower oil - 174.5 thousand tons with values 127.8 million dollars US (export increased by 51.5% compared to the same period in 2016);
  • soybean - 303 thousand tons for 113.6 million dollars US (export increased 2.6 times compared to the same period in 2016).

Petrochemical industries, medicines and food products (including vegetable preserves, fruits and nuts) have the largest share in Iranian-Ukrainian import.

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