2016.07.19-21 The visit of delegation from Isfahan province of Islamic Republic of Iran

On July 19-21, Kherson was visited by delegation of the Iranian province Isfahan under the Cooperation Agreement, signed last year between Kherson CCI and Chamber of trade, industry, mines and agriculture of Isfahan province. The delegation was formed by Mahmudreza Agharebparast, Deputy Secretary General of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Ahmadreza Hematti, the member of Committee of Agroindustrial complex of Isfahan province, who heads a group on lease questions outside Iran, and Mohammad Sadeghi, leader of enterprise, importing agriproducts in Iran.    

In spite of the fact that delegation arrived to Kyiv, an acquaintance with Ukraine began exactly with the Kherson region. In Kyiv there meeting passed in Embassy of Iran in Ukraine, whereupon delegation moved to Kherson land. 




During a stay in Kherson, Iranian delegation got the possibility to become acquainted with agroindustrial potential of area, to see the Kherson fields their own eyes. For this purpose Kherson CCI organized visits to the Berislavskoe and Kakhovskoe farms, where guests had the opportunity to see how Kherson land were growing, in what way was taken the crop. In a State Enterprise the "Experimental farm "Аskaniyskoe" the Iranian businessmen were shown how seed grains were growing up, the laboratory of the farm and stock-breeding complexes.

Detailed information on climatic terms, particularity of Kherson agriculture, ways of collaboration have been given to the guests by Director of Department of Agricultural Development of Kherson State Regional Administration Alexander Palyvoda during business meeting in Department. His presentation caused strong interest and wide range of questions from the Iranian delegation side. More wide spectrum of items, including potential to collaboration in tourism branch, came into a question during meeting with Vice-Chairman of Kherson State Administration Dmitry Butriy.

In Kherson CCI there were organized the individual meetings between leaders of agricultural enterprises and Iranian businessmen. Also Iranian delegation visited the productive workshops of Firm Industrial Complex "Korabel", enterprise that already actively cooperates with the countries of Middle East and plans to enter the Iran market. 

It should be noted that Iran remains the general perspective partner of Ukraine in Middle East region. Indisputably, up to date the basic sphere of trade and economic collaboration with this country is agriculture, however there exists a considerable potential of collaboration in other areas, in particular engineering and hi-tech industry. The Iranian side is ready to set down a collaboration with the Ukrainian industrial and scientific enterprises, which must actively work over the possibilities to appear their production to Iranian future partners.

Taking into account the specificity of work with this region and having regard to already activated connections, the Chamber of commerce and Industry offers to Kherson business its support in products rout to Iran market.

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