2015.12.13-15 Ukrainian business-delegation conducted important negotiations in Teheran.

The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues the search of possibilities for further collaboration of home business with the other world countries. So, on KCCI initiative, from 13th to 15th of December, the next business mission of the Ukrainian businessmen took place in Islamic Republic of Iran, by this time, during a year, it is fifth. Business relationships, settled down as a result of previous visits to Iran, already have gained its traction: mutual interest of Iranian and Ukrainian business communities increases alongside, and more and more organizations and companies from different regions of Iran and Ukraine are being joined to negotiations. Business-delegation of previous visit in December, headed by the First vice-president of Ukrainian CCI Mikhailo Nepran, included the representatives of business communities from six Ukrainian areas, presenting different corners of country - presidents of regional chambers and businessmen.

A business mission started on December 13 with a visit to the Technological park "Pardis" - Iranian "Silicon valley", which main task is commercialization of cientific researches results and strengthening of connections between science and industry, international transfer of leading technologies. A park is located in a neighborhood of Teheran, on the square of 40 ha, with a possibility of further expansion. The production capacities of many enterprises are located here too, thus their close neighbourhood assists their synergy - speed-up exchange of technologies and companies’ development.

Тechnological park comes in the number of organizers of international exhibition “INOTEX”, that took place on May 22-25, 2016, in Teheran.                                                                                 

This notable event of high level for professionals, involved in area of technologies and innovations. Guidance of park and organizers of exhibition invited the Ukrainian companies and institutes, wishing to present their technologies for further commercialization, to take part in an exhibition on favourable terms. The First Vice-president of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mikhailо Nepran promised, that  Chamber would take up organization of national stand of Ukrainian technologies within the framework of INOTEX - 2016. (www.tpp.ks.ua/images/download/2015/iran2016.pdf).

On December 14, Ukrainian delegation visited the city of Кaradge, located not far from Teheran, with the purpose of participating in В2В-negotiations in the Chamber of trade, industry, mines and agriculture of Alborz region. In September of this year there was signed the Agreement of collaboration between Kherson CCI and Chamber of Alborz, thanks to which the December visit to Karadge became  possible.

The Chairman of Alborz Chamber Rakhim Bonamalay marked during his performance, that for Alborz region the development of export-import relations in an agrarian and processing sphere (including certification of "Halal") has a primary value, then investment activity, tourism, building of hotel and entertaining centers. The Ukrainian scientific sphere is very interesting - high-tech (space, biotechnological, pharmaceutical) and collaboration between research establishments. The presidents of regional chambers showed the industrial, investment, touristic and commercial possibilities of the regions in presentations, upon which the В2В negotiations began with the businessmen of Alborz.

After negotiations Alborz chamber organized for Ukrainian delegation a visit to leading enterprise of light industry in Alborz region - company "Maral Leather Industries Co", engaged in leather goods production - jackets, bags, shoe, purses etc. A company is developing actively, growing production volumes and quantity of workplaces, and is going to extend the export capacities. Presently the Company has foreign partners in Italy and Kazakhstan, and is ready to consider initiatives of partnership from Ukrainian side.

Business meeting became the first point of the program of Ukrainian delegation visit on December 15  to national Chamber of trade, industry, mines and agriculture of Iran. During the abovementioned negotiations both the strategic prospects of Iranian-Ukrainian business relationships development and practical steps that should be undertaken in the near future were discussed.         


As Vice-president of the Iranian Chamber Pedram Soltani marked, the previous Ukrainian business missions to Iran showed the seriousness of intentions of both parties and allowed to prepare good platform for expansion of trade and economic collaboration between these two countries. Iran with a population 80 million persons disposes the developed trade connections with other Near-Eastern region countries by general quantity of more than 400 million, that promotes the potential attractiveness of the Iranian market for the Ukrainian companies. At the same time, for successful development of business "steps to meet" at state level are needed, such as a facilitation of the Iranian-Ukrainian visa regime, non-admission of double taxation, harmonization of interbank relations, logistic development.

In his turn, the First vice-president of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mikhailo Nepran underlined readiness of the Ukrainian CCI to active joint work with Iran Chamber, Iranian and Ukrainian economic missions and profile committees on corresponding initiatives preparation for  submission to both countries goverments. Concerning the nearest collaboration, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the Iranian-Ukrainian forum arranging in Ukraine at the beginning of 2016, exchange by sectoral business-delegations (agriculture,

 farmacy, IT), presentation of National Stand of Ukraine in the frame of INOTEX-2016 in Tehran, assistance in the creation of Iranian-Ukrainian clearing house.

The Parties noted the necessity of joint preparation of specialists - consultants on custom and legal questions in an export-import sphere. Not unimportant question of verification of business partner reliability can be successfully settled too, in fact the chambers of both Ukraine and Iran conduct Register of reliable partners among their enterprises and are ready to share this information on request of business. The Certificate of reliable partner provides good reputation to the enterprise on national and international levels and promotes a trust outside.

Also delegation met the members of Iranian-Ukrainian Business Council that opened a new office in Teheran. The Business Council already more than half a year being a permanent partner of Kherson CCI on development of business-connections between the Ukrainian and Iranian businessmen. Parties arranged about further development of collaboration and joint co-ordination of business visits of the Ukrainian and Iranian businessmen.

A Business-mission came to an end with negotiations in Ministry of agriculture of Iran, within the framework of which the Ukrainian businessmen and representatives of chambers conducted presentations at a high ceremony level. The leaders of many Iranian state agricultural companies and holdings - employees of Ministries, - were presented on meeting, participating in В2В-negotiations afterwords. 

Taking into account the results of a business mission, it is possible to say, that Islamic Republic is interested foremost in such Ukrainian products, that by virtue of different reasons are not produced in Iran, or produced in insufficient volumes. Ukraine can examine trading with Iran as a method of going into the market of the Near-Eastern region. Iranian business is interested for the first in creation of the joint Ukrainian-Iranian ventures of different profiles (from agricultural to productive and researching), in transfer of scientifically capacious technologies (including energy-saving); export and import of food, agricultural, wood products, machinery and instrument-making sphere production; transport communications and logistic development, joint initiatives in a power sector; leasing of farm lands in Ukraine.

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