2015.11.10-11 The Kherson enterprises interested in a collaboration with Kyrgyzstan took part in the Ukrainian-Kirghiz business-forum

The president of Kherson Chamber Victoria Оstroumova and representative of PE "TK Alfa" took part in the event as Kherson region guests.

The representatives of agroindustrial complex (companies, engaging in a plant-grower, gardening and agricultural processing), building industry and trade joined the Kyrgyz delegation - only 12 members of Kirgizia business entered mainly. From the Ukrainian side more than 50 enterprises took part in an event.

Taking into account such composition of Kirghiz delegation and its personal interest in a collaboration, during plenary part of Forum the representatives of Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and members of Institute of gardening NANU of Ukraine made their lectures from the Ukrainian side. To participate in a Forum the representatives of Institute of potato farming were also invited. Speakers from the Kirghiz side in the performances designated directions of possible collaboration, in particular: poultry meat import, milk products, confectionery, organic production, construction materials for its producing, processing equipment for agriproducts.  

In opinion of president of Association of prune breeders in Kyrgyzstan there could be mutually beneficial collaboration in gardening, particularly, in growing of plum "Hungarian" seedlings. Kirgizia is one of the largest world producers and exporters of prunes, at the same time, presently there is a need in the rejuvenation of planting of this culture, that opens prospects for the Ukrainian specialists, working on the problem of transplants growing.

Within the framework of Forum there was signed the Memorandum about a collaboration between the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Association of Kyrgyzstan young businessmen.

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