Services for KCCI members

of gratis and privileged services
of Kherson CCI

1. Gratis: (membership fee)
- Informing about foreign economic activities: exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars and extending of invitation cards.
- Extending of informative and publicity materials of foreign firms, methodical materials and bibliographical lists concerning foreign economic activities. - Placing of propositions and cooperation demands in Internet and nets of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of foreign organizations – partners of Chamber and Kherson CCI sight.
- Extending of Ukrainian CCI Bulletin.

2. Privileged tariff: (10% of discount)
- register reference
- firm reference
- price lists
- factual references
- translation
- analytical reference
- extending of commercial proposition

3. Privileged tariff: (10% of discount)
- certificates of origin
- fill in the certificate of origin
- declaration of goods

The members of Chamber of Commerce and Industry are serviced in the first place