2017.10.10 A holiday in honor of the "Amalteya" LLC was held in the Regional Center of Youth

On October 19 in the Regional Center of Youth a holiday dedicated to the team of Amalteya LLC was held - the 10th anniversary ceremony of the awarding of the best employees of the company and the best pupils among their children, accompanied by greetings and thanks from the company's management and the festive musical program.


“Amalteya” company, a member of the Kherson Chamber of Commerce since 2000, is engaged in the production and sale of woven polypropylene bags for bulk products packaging, and is the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe for this profile. It is one of the most successful producers of the Kherson region, the winner of International and all-Ukrainian competitions such as Enterprise of the Year, Importer of the Year, Exporter of the Year, "100 Best Goods of Ukraine", etc.                    

The key to the success of any company is people who love their work and sincerely care for the success of a joint business. That is why, besides high standards of production, the company's management pays considerable attention to the social component - comfort and safety of work, decent wages, professional development of workers, active work of the union. The winners of the annual "Amalteya" contests - "Best in Profession" and "Best Student" have won in tenth. In the working process, the contribution of everyone - important and valuable, and therefore at the competition "Best in profession" no one left without attention: both the shop master, and technical staff, administrative staff. In the competition "The best student" among the children of the employees of "Amalteya" this year a girl won, who has a fantastic result of the achievement in the school board - 12 points on all subjects. The award for an excellent student became a valuable gift - the Lenovo laptop of the latest model.

The “Amalteya” team has an atmosphere of benevolent cohesion, professional enthusiasm and mutual support, which, according to leadership, is one of the most important factors in the company's success story. As a friend and partner, the Kherson CCI is proud of the achievements of "Amalteya" and its contribution to the well-being of the Kherson region. The enterprise is confidently developing, increasing volumes of production, actively developing world markets. The company plans to double its production capacity, which will create more than 400 additional jobs (currently, in the state of Amalteya are 417 people). Accordingly, the company's contribution to the development of the economy of Kherson region, and the volume of revenues to the local and state budget will increase. Regarding the production itself, the company aims to become one of the world leaders in its field.

In his turn, the director of "Amalteya" Sergey Rybachok thanked the Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry for many years of cooperation and assistance: "Many companies underestimate the chances of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry to establish concrete, practical relations with buyers. Thanks to cooperation with the Kherson CCI, headed by President Viktoria Ostroumova, we have greatly saved the time to find big customers that now provide us with good sales to the West. The company "Amalteya" is the leader of sales to foreign markets in its field, and this is a complex work. I am grateful to the Chamber for the inclusion of "Amalteya" in the Presidium of the CCI, where we have the right and the opportunity to advise other entrepreneurs, how to properly attract clients with the minimum time and energy". 

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