2017.09.30 Representatives of the Enterprise "UTK Ukraine" LLC became participants of the Second International Business Forum in Adjaria

The event was organized by the Adjarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic of Georgia.   

The main purpose of the event "Export of Citrus 2017", which took place on September 28-30, in the Black Sea resort of Batumi,  was dedicated to familiarizing interested companies and importers of citrus fruits with the potential export of subtropical fruits grown in Adjaria, as well as expansion on the basis of popularization and diversification of new markets for export opportunities of Georgian mandarins.

This year, the number of participants exceeded about 30 companies from 9 countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, which presented the largest associations from different food fields. The International Business Forum was visited by local companies for processing and sorting citrus fruit, trading and logistics companies. Members of the Government of Georgia, diplomatic representations and honorary guests.                                       

Today, Russia and Ukraine are the target markets for Georgian citrus and, in particular, tangerines: these are the two most important export platforms, where a large part of it will come in the near future. Therefore, the participation of the Kherson company “UTK Ukraine” in the forum as a participant of the delegation from the Ukrainian side is a successful investment in the future, a step towards expanding the horizons of foreign economic activity through new business ties with Georgian partners, far-reaching trade and partnership perspectives, studying the possibilities of selling its own products on the international export-import platform.   

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