2019.05.25 Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the Canadian-Ukrainian Trade and Investment Support Project (CUTIS) events

The Canadian-Ukrainian project since 2016 has been working in Ukraine to support Ukrainian exports to Canada. Kherson CCI has been a partner of the project for the past two years. Kherson CCI experts have been trained in exporting to Canada and now act as coaches during training events for businesses held in the region.

In addition to developing of its export business, Kherson CCI also cooperates with CUTIS in ecology and gender equality areas. In partnership with the Project, the Chamber held a series of information and discussion meetings for women entrepreneurs, seminars on environmental aspects of export to Canada, including organic products, and also new activities for the next two years have been planned.

The results of cooperation and plans for the next period of CUTIS project activity in Ukraine became the subject of discussion between the project staff, the leadership of the Canadian-Ukrainian CCI, representatives of regional CCIs and Canadian donor organizations on May 28 meeting of the Supervisory Board in Kyiv.

The results of the study on "Visible and Invisible Barriers: Gender Analysis of Export Challenges for Ukrainian SMEs" were also summarized. The strategy recommendations on reducing gender barriers, arising in trade, was sparked by lively discussions. It is nice to note that among the invited speakers there was the head of the enterprise - a member of the Kherson CCI: the director of “Marina-Group” LLC Marina Nikolaeva. She shared her own experiences on gender stereotypes impact and dual burden on women in business.

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